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What is Artificial Intelligence?

Updated: Dec 23, 2019

To most looking at Artificial Intelligence for the first time, it can seem much more like science fiction then a break through technology that is now both overtly and secretly woven into the fabric of our everyday lives. AI has become a very broad buzz word these days and people use it to describe a wide variety of things which can cause a lot of confusion. Our main goal here at is to educate you on both AI and other revolutionary technologies and then show you to use this knowledge to invest in leading technology companies and profit in a way you really can’t do in other investment vehicles.

So, to lay a proper foundation it makes sense to start with getting a fundamental understanding of what AI is. Artificial Intelligence is the ability for machines to perform tasks by continually learning as they go and then applying this newly acquired “intelligence” to progressively improve upon whatever task they are performing. In the past, this type of work was only able to be completed by humans. It helps to think of it this way: A typical computer program gives a machine (a computer, autonomous vehicle, etc.) explicit instructions on exactly what needs to be done and then the program will follow those instructions to the letter in order to complete the given task. The computer program won’t give any consideration or thought towards what’s the “best way” to complete the task as factors change during the task, it just does exactly what it’s told.

For example, you could program an autonomous car to drive from San Diego to Los Angeles, give it the exact roads to take, the exact speeds to drive during each segment and so on and so forth but that wouldn’t really work out to well. No two trips across that distance would be exactly the same, factors on the ground would change. On one trip you might have rain, on another there might be an accident you need to stop for, a child might run across the street, etc., etc. For an autonomous vehicle to actually work in the real word, it needs to be intelligent. It needs to interpret the conditions, it needs to recognize that the unforeseen object in the road is a child, it might need to slow down for rain, or an impromptu traffic stop or any of the other million plus non predictable things can happen on the road. And for that, you need intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence is able to make these distinctions by identifying the obstruction in the road is in fact a child using object recognition, if it was raining it would be able to draw on information collected in previous trips and know that it has to break earlier then it would on a sunny day. It would also be able to analyze real time traffic conditions to pick the best route and use fuel in the most efficient manner. Think of how a child learns from experiencing things, I.E. a baby touches a hot stove, it gets burned, but from that point on it knows that if you touch a hot stove you get burned and therefore the baby avoids that behavior in the future. Our intelligence as humans enables us to take in inputs as we go through life and apply this newly learned information to more efficiently complete a multitude of tasks. That is the aim of artificial intelligence as well.

Artificial Intelligence however learns its lessons from data…And it requires a lot of data (See blog post on: data is the new oil) Once ingested an AI application is able to notice patterns that can have a huge impact on outcomes in the long term, but in the short term would take way too long and be way to detailed for a human to consume. This ability to quickly ingest, interpret and then programmatically action on millions, billions and even trillions of data points at a speed and precision that would be totally impossible for a human to even comprehend is what gives AI the dual reputation of a technology that can either cure all known diseases and or something that will enslave the human race and ultimately lead us to mass destruction. There’s an argument to be made either way, but in the end, you can’t deny, regardless of the outcome, all our futures for better or worse will be shaped by the implications of this technology. If you’d like to learn how we work with everyday investors and can coach you to successfully invest in this industry follow us on our social channels to stay up to date.

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